Starting 2017, The University of Arizona rescinds the open source license of DynusT and made it a proprietary software licensed to Metropia, Inc. This decision allows Metropia Inc. to provide much enhanced software developments and customer support capabilities for DynusT users.

Metropia Inc also formed a strategic partnership with RST International – the developer of DynuStudio – to make DynuStudio the exclusive data management and visualization platform for DynusT. Metropia and RST International collaborate in all software developments, testing and technical support for both DynuStudio and DynusT. DynusT Laboratory at the University of Arizona led by Professor Yi-Chang Chiu remains the primary research group for fundamental research for DynusT.

Prospect users can acquire a limited free trial DynusT/DynuStudio version the following ways. The initial free trial period is automatically assigned according the following email address types during the registration process:

  • EDU – 12 months
  • GOV&ORG – 6 months
  • COM&Others – 3 months
  • EDU&GOV users can request the extension after the trial period by contacting Metropia or RST International. Professional users are strongly encouraged to purchase the PRO version to meet the project requirements and to enjoy the full modeling capabilities of DynusT/DynuStudio. The comparisons of the Trial and PRO versions are listed below.

    The instructions for downloading the Free Trial Version can be found here.

    To purchase the PRO version please click here.

    Any further inquiry please contact Metropia.