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Project by DynusT: WISE

What is WISE?

The Work Zone Impact and Strategy Estimator (WISE) software can evaluate the impact of multiple projects that have been incorporated into the Transportation Im- provement Program (TIP) and the network. The WISE tool is intended to be a decision support system to be used by planners and engineers to evaluate the impact of work zones and determine strategies to reduce these impacts. The software has been devel- oped so that the level of effort in conducting analysis is minimal.

WISE is envisioned to be used by agencies to adhere to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule. For this reason, WISE has been developed based on the definitions and guidelines proposed in the rule.

WISE GUI (graphical user interface) is the link between the key WISE tools and metadata within the WISE software package. These key tools consist of the WISE Planning Module, WISE Operation Module, the WISE Analysis Engine, DynusT, and NEXTA. The WISE GUI links these tools using a WorkSpace concept. A single WorkSpace gathers the metadata necessary to define the network, multiple projects, variables, and scheduling data needed to successfully perform an evaluation of a given scenario in the Operation and Planning Modules.  For more information, please see FHWA’s Work Zone Project Coordination page.

For more information please check WISE project report: WISE Report
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