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Project by DynusT: SHRP2 ProjectR11

This project brief explores the software tool, the Work Zone Impacts and Strategies Estimator (WISE). WISE is designed to assist program managers in sequencing programs of projects. In addition, it is designed to help planners and engineers evaluate the impacts of work zones to determine strategies to reduce these impacts. The operations module uses DynusT to provide its main functionality. The concept behind the operations module is to dive deeper into the granularity of the time varying interactions occurring between traffic and the network during a work zone project. What a static model cannot capture (time-dependent congestion and diversion caused by a congestion) a simulation model such as DynusT can.

DynusT can still use the macroscopic network, yet provide in-depth information of a microscopic simulation model. The Operation Module requires the sensitivity of a simulation model that responds to congestion so that diversion response is reported in a robust and intuitive manner. The Operation Module attains a more accurate estimation of diversion because of the capacity reduction (i.e., work zone project, based on the network and simulation outcome). This diversion is reported back to the WISE system, and the user can choose whether to use this estimated diversion rate (i.e., feedback) in the Planning Module. On the basis of this new diversion rate, the user can model whether this diversion changes the sequencing of projects.

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